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These Menu Hacks Will Make Customers Spend More

There’s no getting around it; most customers don’t want to dish out high amounts of cash when they stop in for a meal. Knowing this, restaurant owners must strike a balance in their menus: they can’t charge a price above what their customers expect...

4 Deadly Mistakes For Rising Restaurateurs

Unfortunately, all too many restaurateurs make the mistake of conflating good food with sustainable business. Restaurants are some of the trickiest ventures to keep afloat; according to statistics provided by a Cornell University study, 19% of restaurants flop their first year, and as much as 60% go under within three. Many of these would-be culinary successes made common, deadly mistakes. Here, I outline just a few that enthusiastic new restaurants make when they expect their culinary masterpieces to matter more than business strategy.

Not Everyone Likes the Food: How to Define and Appeal to a Target Consumer Base

The hard truth is that not everyone will like your food. Sure, you can sweat over your recipes for months, wondering whether this dish needs a little more spice, or that one a little less – but in the end, you will still encounter hungry people who barely spare your hopeful new restaurant a passing glance. For those restaurateurs battling through their first few years losing even a handful of patrons can be nerve-wracking; after all, according to a study conducted by researchers at Cornell, as many as 59% of restaurants shutter their storefronts within their first three years of business.


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