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For more than two decades Philip Ward has worked as an entrepreneur in the Seattle, Washington.  While he has been involved in many different industries during his career, he spent over a decade in the restaurant business. Although he is no longer involved in running restaurants, he remains passionate about cooking and exploring new restaurants in the Seattle area.

Food, Family, & Business

Philip grew up in Puerto Rico and lived in the country until the age of 16. He has fond memories of family meals that featured traditional Puerto Rican food. For Ward, one of the most enjoyable aspects of food is sharing, whether a simple stew with rice and beans for his family or a large roasting pig in the backyard for family and friends. Every year Philip Ward Seattle hosts a large party where he roasts a pig for his guests. The party usually takes place in the summer so everyone can relax outside in the Washington sunshine; eating, drinking, dancing and having a good time. While preparing an entire pig for dozens of guests can be difficult work, Philip enjoys the process. He especially enjoys seeing his guests enjoy the food that he has prepared.  

When Ward moved to the United States, he experienced significant culture shock. He missed his family, friends, and food from back home in Puerto Rico.  However, in no time at all, Philip Ward grew to love Seattle and became passionate about exploring the multicultural cuisine that it offered.  It was this passion that led to the development of his first business venture as a restaurant owner.  For over 10 years Philip was involved in the restaurant business, at one time owning and running three different restaurants in the Seattle area.  While he left the restaurant industry in 2000, in order to explore new business ventures, Philip continues to enjoy the active and increasingly diverse Seattle restaurant scene.

When it comes to eating out, Philip Ward particularly likes visiting restaurants that specialize in ethnic food. He loves tasting new flavors and experiencing dishes from different cultures all over the world. Most travelers agree that one of the best things about visiting foreign countries is tasting their most popular dishes.  Since Seattle is home to so many international restaurants,  it’s possible to experience global cuisine without spending time and money on airfare.

Professional Overview

From an early age, Philip Ward Seattle knew that he wanted to be in charge of his own business. In Puerto Rico, many of his family members had their own businesses, and Philip was inspired by how hard they worked to achieve success on their own terms. While finding success as an entrepreneur is rarely easy, the journey can be enjoyable and educational as long as you learn from your mistakes and remain open to change.

Philip Ward Seattle’s entrepreneurial career has taught him a lot about himself and about what works and what doesn’t work in business. One of the most important lessons that he has learned along the way is that passion alone doesn’t lead to success. If what you’re passionate about doesn’t make you money, then it’s unlikely to be a successful business venture. Entrepreneurs have to be careful about the projects they pursue because success is so difficult to attain.

Working with food has been one of Philip’s greatest joys in life, and today his current business focuses on importing avocados into the United States from Mexico. To learn more about his current project, visit the company’s official site.

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